Dear Patriot,


My name is Susanna DeJeet. I am a longtime conservative Republican, who is #10 on the ballot for Delegate to the Republican National Convention.


Since the early 90’s, I’ve witnessed our everyday freedoms being undermined by “political correctness.” Using leftists tactics to silence free speech and religious liberty, they began to “fundamentally transform” America. I chose to fight back and take action. My deep concern was for our children, who would never know the America my military father and millions more fought to secure for us. I joined the Republican Party to recruit and elect conservative leaders.


After joining the Republican Party, I was elected to local and state committee positions, along   with being a state representative candidate. My professional skills as a teacher, staff trainer and public speaker were used to inform voters, educate and train volunteers, and recruit and support candidates who also wanted to “Restore America.” My passion for our great nation is matched only by my desire to continue fighting until  the job gets done.


In 2015, candidate Donald J. Trump appeared on the political scene with an agenda to “Make America Great Again.” As a result, a tremendous movement swept across a nation of weary voters, who embraced what Trump was offering—a winning agenda for the “Forgotten People of America.” Trump was the type of candidate I had always hoped to elect for president; and, I became 110% committed to helping him win. I am honored that my constituents trust me and have petitioned for me to represent them at the Republican National Convention.


I’d like to share why I’m running for Delegate. Prior to the 2016 Convention, there were rumors some Republican Party members were planning a contested convention to derail Trump. The official Trump Campaign contacted his most loyal supporters, asking them to run as PLEDGED DELEGATES, who would vote for him on the first ballot and ALL subsequent ballots, and they did. 


I strongly backed the DELEGATES FOR TRUMP and educated the eager voters to support them only. The Delegates for Trump won the majority of votes in PA, assuring Trump the nomination. We are the candidates who backed Trump when it was not fashionable and who will PLEDGE for him again. We cannot take anything for granted in 2020 and must have his LOYAL DELEGATES in place at the Republican Convention. This is why I ask for your vote.



Married, with two children and two grandchildren


BA Sociology, Geneva College

PA Teaching Certification, St. Vincent College

Conservative Christian, registered Republican 


WORK EXPERIENCE: Child Abuse Case Worker, Airline Customer Service Manager in Operations Control, Private School Educator, Hospice Manager and Sales Representative, Home Health Staff Trainer and Sales Representative and certified Continuing Education Trainer  Published writer. 

Recently retired. 


Cornerstone Ministries- Care Team member, Certified Prepare/Enrich Trainer and lay-counselor. 


POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: My 26-year volunteer history for the Republican Party includes the following: Westmoreland County Republican Committee Member, Westmoreland County District Chair, elected State Committee Member and poll watcher trainer for hundreds of volunteers. 


In 2016, I was a grassroots volunteer securing votes and voter for candidate Donald J. Trump, Since then, I have not stopped providing grassroots efforts in preparation for his 2020 victory and am the co-director for Pennsylvania Women for Trump. 

As a campaign coordinator for numerous candidates, and due to my previous professional roles, I have extensive contacts with thousands of PA residents throughout our state. I proudly pledge to nominate Donald J. Trump for President as a 2020 Delegate. We will need a fully engaged team that’s prepared to cover all bases of this election. I’m all in! Thank you for your support and vote!



Collaborative acknowledgement and appreciation to the entire team
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