As with many conservative voters, Gabriel has been extremely disappointed in how our elected officials have represented us over the past 8 years...broken promises and giving Obama everything he wants without getting anything in return.  The only candidates that he considered during this election cycle were the "outsiders": Trump, Cruz, Carson, and Fiorina.  Here is why he chose Donald Trump to be our next President of the United States:


  • Donald Trump has and will end with the most "earned" delegates.  It is virtually impossible for Ted Cruz to pass him and it is mathematically impossible for John Kasich to surpass him.  This is the Will of the Voter and there is no choice but to ensure Donald Trump receives the nomination based on the Will of the Voters.


  • Donald Trump has proven to be extremely effective in generating conservative enthusiasm about this election cycle as well as attracting a large base outside of the GOP that will prove to be invaluable in the general election.  This makes him the only candidate that can beat Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee.  This broad base of conservative support will disappear if Trump is not the nominee.


  • Are you kidding me?  Donald must have premonitions or something because when he speaks, it comes true a couple of weeks later.  He has the ultimate foresight / insight super power.

  • Donald Trump will be a president that can get things done by being flexible, yet firm in negotiations with both the other side of the aisle and other countries without giving away the farm.  Gabriel believes that under Trump, congress will be more effective because of this.


  • Trump has a unique perspective on free-trade.  This perspective goes against the "establishment", but makes sense.  It certainly roots in him not being tied to donors and lobbyists.  Free-trade only can work if there is fair trade.  Donald is right about other countries such as China cheating the system.  This is clear evidence that he will be working for the American people and not the interests of his donors.


  • Trump has the endorsements of those who matter.  Many of those individuals would make excellent cabinet members.  Carson (Health/Education), Christie (Attorney General), Sessions (National Security Adviser), but Gabriel also believes Trump will select cabinet members outside of the political world.


  • Trump is the type of guy that will find the best individuals in the cabinet for the job to get things done under his leadership.  He has proven to be great at that professionally.


  • Trump has proven to overcome the gaffes and attacks with relative ease and impunity.  This will be critical in the general election.


  • If Trump is the nominee, it will send a clear, strong message to the career politicians and force their hand after he is in office.  We must ensure they understand that they cannot circumvent the will of the people.


  • Trump's only incentive in running for office is that he loves this country and wants to make it great again.


  • The country is a far different place than when Gabriel grew up.  This is specifically in reference to political correctness as well as the populous' view on what America is about and why we are the greatest country on earth and what got us here in the first place.  Gabriel remembers Reagan bringing that same sense of nationalism and pride to be an American.  He remembers always looking for that "Made in the USA" stamp or label.  He believes Trump's straight shooter (yet human and fallible) rhetoric can bring that patriotism and insight into what it is to be an American back...perhaps even more so than Reagan.


  • Donald Trump knows both sides of the aisle on a personal level through previous dealings and donations.  Gabriel has no problem with Trump's donations to liberals as he was doing that in the capacity of a businessman for the best interest of his business. 


  • It is possible to deport 10 million illegals.  BIll Clinton deported >12 million and G.W. Bush deported >10 million.  The border must be secure first and Trump will make this happen.  Gabriel believes that come the general election, Trump will make the case as to why this helps minorities and will help bring minorities to the GOP away from Hillary.  This is another position that Gabriel believes other candidates (except Cruz) cannot take due to their corporate donors.


  • Good or bad, liberal or conservative, EVERYONE will be more engaged.  By being more engaged, people will be more informed. 

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