Linda Pezzino of Erie Pennsylvania proudly announces her candidacy for Delegate to the Republican National Convention in the 16th Congressional district. Linda is married and mother of two daughters. She and her husband have been raising her granddaughter since she was born 11 years ago.

Watching our country crumble during the Obama years, Linda couldn’t sit still or go unheard any longer. She actively tweeted Donald Trump to please run for president long before he made his announcement. Mr. Trump at the time in 2015, used to call in to Fox and Friends every week. Linda would tweet to him please run so we can take our country back.

When Mr. and Mrs. Trump rode the escalator down at Trump Tower, she hoped she knew what he was going to say! Linda was right and vowed to do everything she could to ensure he became our next President. Born and raised in Texas, it has been hard living in a state that is Blue. Turning Erie RED was going to be tough, but possible.

Linda worked with an app through the Trump Campaign in early spring of 2016 to make phone calls to voters ahead of the primary. Then when the campaign finally came to Erie, she immediately started going door to door reaching voters.

Women for Trump became a coalition around the country when the democrats tried to convince America women hated him. That backfired immensely. Linda was selected to be Erie County’s Women for Trump Chair. She still honors this to date. She kept it going long after the election.

Soon after the inauguration in 2017, the media was hounding the President day and night. This was long before it came to light that their blatant misrepresentation of our President was never going to stop. Linda was contacted by a group known as March 4 Trump. This group became nation wide and its purpose was to rally for our president on March 4, 2017. Linda held that rally in Perry Square (downtown Erie) for all western PA.

In the summer of 2018, Women for Trump Erie PA held another rally in honor of our President and all our local, state and federal candidates. “Let Freedom Ring” was the theme. Candidates and guest speakers rallied the day away.

Linda is currently an elected member from Erie County, to serve on the Republican Party of Pennsylvania State Committee, and she is an elected member of the Erie County Republican Committee, where she serves on the executive committee.

She ran for these volunteer committees after to 2016 presidential election. Linda realized how important it was to continue the fight to spread our conservative message and defeat the anti-American democrats. “It doesn’t stop after we elect a president, we must continue to elect conservative local, state and federal candidates.”

Mrs. Pezzino continues the fight, by helping candidates knock on doors to get their message out to the voters. She helps with petition signatures to get candidates on the ballot. Linda drove to the New York state line to the Ohio state line and to the southern end of the county to put candidate signs up before an election.

Linda is also an activist on Twitter and Facebook to support President Trump. She has also volunteered on many campaigns as well as handled press releases, designed campaign shirts and graphic design on social media. She is pro life and pro second amendment. She proudly carries herself. Linda is also very involved with her church, Saint Luke Catholic Church in Erie.

Mrs. Pezzino’s number one goal in 2020 is to see Erie County remains red as well as the state she has come to call home since 2012. She is excited to continue to serve her county and state, and she respectfully asks for your vote on June 2, 2020.

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