• 2016 Trump Delegate to the National Convention

  • Endorsed by Trump Campaign in 2016 Primary

  • Served in the PA Electoral College

  • Chairman of the Republican Party of Northampton County

  • Anstine Series Alumni

  • Member of Republican State Committee


As a life-long conservative, I have served the Republican party faithfully for 27 years, helping conservatives get elected with organized grass roots support, and investing my time, talent and treasure. I currently serve as Chair of the Northampton County Republican Committee, and Chair of the Bethlehem Township Planning Commission. I am a graduate of the Anne Anstine Excellence in Public Service Series. I am COO of an interior construction company doing commercial and residential work in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I am married to Michael A. Snover and have one son, Anthony Snover.             


What I will do as delegate: I will support President Donald J.Trump. I am an original Trumper who will work tirelessly to see that he is reelected.


More about Gloria Lee:

I have been married to Michael A. Snover, Esq. for 23 years and we have one son; Michael Anthony. My son will be attending med school this fall. We attend Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church in Bethlehem Township, PA.  I am Pro Life, an NRA member and fiscal conservative. I am COO of an interior construction company doing commercial and residential work in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

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