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Make America Great Again Successes:

  • Founded PA Grassroots Leadership Network of Trump supporting Delegates, state committee members, and Grassroots leaders from across the state represented by all 18 Pennsylvania Congressional Districts

  • Sponsored and facilitated weekly conference calls throughout the general election season to ensure the cross utilization of resources, develop and collaborate on strategies, and coordinate the logistics of the exchange and delivery of campaign collateral across the state.

  • Statewide distribution of several $100,000 (wholesale and funded by our network) of campaign collateral (buttons, flags, signs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc)

  • Collected volunteer contact information outside of Trump rallies across the state

  • Organized parades, protests, flash mobs, poll working, election day legal assistance and other engagement initiatives

  • Created a website to assist voters in finding their congressional district, polling locations, and slate of Trump supporting delegate candidates on their ballot.  The site was receiving over 30,000 hits per day during the 2016 primary season.

  • Media and Campaign liaison (e.g. CNN Interview:

  • Community/Constituency Engagement Initiatives: Email/SMS Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Parade Coordinator / Volunteer (, Volunteer at Trump Rallies, Petition Circulator / Door Knocker, Phone Banking, and Poll Worker / Watcher

  • Allegheny County Republican Committeeman

  • Guest and Volunteer at the Inauguration of our 45th President of the United States - Donald J. Trump

  • Guest of the PA Delegation to the 2016 Republican National Convention

Gabriel was born and raised in Pittsburgh by a family with strong conservative values and principles. Gabriel's upbringing afforded him a unique perspective on our diverse region from the work ethic and perserverence of his family's roots in the railroad industry to their ability to adapt in Pittsburgh's changing economic landscape and serve our community as problems solvers and leaders with an inspiring "no obstacle is too big" entreprenurial spirit.

Professionally, Gabriel has over 25 years of experience as a thought leader and innovator in Pittsburgh's thriving information technology sector.   He has worked with small and large oganizations alike to build effective IT solutions to real world business problems.  Gabriel understands the challenges that today's businesses face and is not afraid to tackle them head on.


Gabriel volunteers and serves on Pine Township Environmental Advisory Council.  Gabriel has volunteered for a number of Republican campaigns in the past in the capacity of circulating ballots and placing phone calls.


Personally, Gabriel has a beautiful wife, Nicole, and two children, Logan and Morgan, who reside in Pine Township.  The Kellers enjoy travelling together; from China to the Amazon jungle, they enjoy experiencing unique cultures and learning about the diversity of our planet and the strengths and weaknesses of all that humanity has to offer.  Perhaps, they can bring some of Western Pennsylvania's values to other cultures just as they may be able to bring new ideas back to our own community and country?  


One of Gabriel's children has a disability and he and Nicole are intimately familiar with both the medical and educational aspects of navigating the private and public - and often competing - landscape of working to ensure that those with disabilities get the proper support they need to ensure they can overcome their unique obstacles and contribute to the community just as typical individuals do.  The support infrastructure in place does not get the credit they deserve in taking on such difficult careers and endeavors. 


Gabriel believes in:

  • Limiting the power and influence of our federal government through lower taxes and reduced regulations

  • Re-establishing the federal government's system of checks and balances by putting legislative authority back into the hands of Congress

  • Promoting legislation to preclude recipient's of tax payer funds and contracts from donating to political campaigns

  • Promoting legislation for term limits at the state and federal level

  • Empowering local government by understanding that our country is diverse and that localized governance has the pulse and influence of their constituency. 

  • Ensuring that our federal government is well equipped to provide for the national defense, take care of our veterans, and facilitate interstate commerce and global trade

  • Ensuring that the local and federal governments' policies and practices regarding those with disabilities are ultimately effective in empowering them to live a healthy, happy, and productive lives

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