Chris Carpenter began volunteering on the Trump campaign back in the summer of 2015, making phone calls from home.  I was among the first people to answer the call for help in New Hampshire, and arrived there in late January of 2016, staying on until the primary victory on February 8th.  After New Hampshire, I went on to South Carolina where I campaigned across the entire state.  By the time I signed on to volunteer at the RNC in Cleveland, where I was selected as a courtesy driver in the RNC van pool under the auspice of the Secret Service, I had campaigned in 17 states and driven over 30000 miles.  With the exception of one paid shift to watch a poll in Weirton, WV, 100% of my campaign miles and expenses were out of my own pocket


I was educated at Penn State where I graduated with a degree in Astrophysics. I live in Glenville, PA on the Mason-Dixon Line with my wife Abbey and our 18-month-old son Leo. Currently I am the lead golf instructor at Hayfields CC in Hunt Valley, MD. Among my many interests -  astronomy, fossil collecting, writing science fiction, to name a few – I am proud to cite a Golf Therapy Program I devised and implemented for homeless veterans in conjunction with the Baltimore Station, a non-profit helping veterans in need get back on their feet. A link to a television article about this program can be found here:

I consider my efforts to help Mr. Trump get elected the first time to be the greatest service to my country I could have performed. I will do everything in my power to ensure his reelection, and to guarantee that Pennsylvania plays a winning part.


Collaborative acknowledgement and appreciation to the entire team
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