Carolyn Bonkoski, Candidate for Delegate


In 2016 I saw Donald Trump as a man who would do what he promised for all Americans so I ran for and won the Congressional Delegate seat.  Now I am asking for your vote to get re-elected as Delegate in 2020 so we can re-elect President Donald J. Trump who has kept those promises and will continue to “Keep America Great”.  My goal is to ensure that we and future generations can continue to enjoy the blessings of being an American citizen where we are free to pursue our life’s goals, practice our religion, and raise our children as we see fit without interference from government or dictators.


I am a second term State Committee member, a Schuylkill County GOP Executive board member, local committeewoman for many years, and have campaigned for many federal, state, and local candidates over the years.  I am a Berks Pro-Life board member, co-host our monthly BCTV program, and choir member.   I  graduated from Catholic schools and college, am proud of my Polish heritage, married to Gene, a retired commercial airline pilot, US Air Force officer and pilot, and Viet Nam veteran.  We worked together as a team with the pilot’s union to fight against unfair and unsafe working conditions.  We have two children and two grandsons.


Here are some of the issues that confront us as a Nation that President Trump and his team have addressed and will continue to tackle in his second term as President.   I feel that these issues are imperative for our Country to remain the land of the free and one Nation under God.


  • Protecting our religious freedoms and the rights of the unborn

  • Education reform and school choice

  • Nominating judges who follow the law and do not legislate from the bench

  • Enacting immigration policies that benefit our Country, prevent illegal entries and overstayers, and protect our boarders.

  • Protecting America from terrorists and gangs

  • Honoring our flag and all that it stands for

  • Protecting the integrity of our vote

  • Implementing policies that insure fair trade and peace with foreign countries

  • Bring to justice those who break our laws

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