Carla D’Addesi is the author of the ‘Julia’ children’s book series, which is endorsed by the American Family Association and Susan B. Anthony List. Carla is a radio host and news correspondent on 1180WFYL, which is a FOX affiliate in the Philadelphia area. She has a weekly podcast called Carla & Co: Real News. Real Women. Summer 2017, she became a FOX National contributor on a panel called ‘Parenting & Politics,’ which records monthly in NYC indefinitely. She is a regular on One American News Network and Christian Broadcasting Network. She and her family starred in ‘Surviving Motherhood’ on TLC in 2007 to rave reviews. 


Carla has been a guest writer for Charisma News, Bound4Life, Big League Politics and is a weekly contributor for The Western Journal and New Right Network. She is regularly interviewed and asked to speak regarding family issues. She shares her point of view with common sense, truth and logic. She and her husband cofounded the D’Addesi Family Homeschool Scholarship Fund. As an active Vlogger, she has over 10 million views on her videos. 


She happily home-schooled all of her children up to high school. Carla and her family started COL1972, which is the very first prolife apparel line. The new brand is set to launch Sanctity of Life Month January 2019. Carla serves on the executive board of Susan B. Anthony List a pro-life organization in Washington D.C.. Carla is a Mommy Activist, married 22 years to surgeon Dr. Len D’Addesi. They are raising 3 daughters in Pennsylvania.

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