As one of the very FIRST supporters of Donald J. Trump for President in our congressional district from the day he announced his candidacy, I will LOYALLY represent our President well.   As a business owner on the Main Line since 1999, and a successful entrepreneur who has started many successful ventures over the years, I was excited that a fellow businessman was running for president.  I printed signs, and bumpers stickers distributing them throughout Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery county free because I knew that this successful businessman is what our country desperately needed.    

My Political Training / Experience

Leadership Institute – Studied under Morton Blackwell in the areas of Political Policy, Political Campaign Management, Public Relations, Political Technology, Fundraising, and Speech Writing.  The Leadership Institute develops Public Policy Leaders who are UNWAVERING in their commitment to FREE ENTERPRISE, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, Strong National Defense, Constitutional Oaths, and Traditional Values.

Involved for decades on local, state, and national conservative campaigns.

Community Involvement

Active in various business, civic, and non-profit organizations for decades which have included, Rotary, Le-Tips, Junior Achievement, Radnor Studio 21, Malvern Entrepreneur Group, Friars Honor Service Society, Leadership Forward, and Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity.


Collaborative acknowledgement and appreciation to the entire team
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