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Donald Trump is a businessman who talks about bringing back employment to America; he talks about ISIS - which happens to be a very, very serious problem even though Obama calls them a JV team.  He talks about immigration - about building a wall.  We lock our our doors at night - the doors of our houses - why can't we do the same along the Mexican border?  He talks about boosting our military.  He talks about helping veterans; building homes for veterans; getting veterans off the street and we have close to 60,000 veterans on the street and the democrats are talking about bringing in 60,000 Syrian refugees with full benefits.  We must ensure Donald Trump is our next President.


  • John is a Vietnam Era veteran Army medic MOS91B20 Honorable discharge

  • John is a resident of Delaware Township for 40 years

  • John has been a stockbroker and a trader for over 6 years

  • John was a Bullion Trader (gold and silver) for Metropolitan Rare Coin Exchange in NYC

  • John was the president of 2 public companies (Salem Resources and Modern Ventures)

  • John is one of the Panel of Contributors for Standard Catalog of World Coins (Canada)

  • John is one of the Panel of Contributors for the Cherrypickers Guide (RPMs and Doubled Dies)

  • John was a contributor for Numismatic Data Definitions Abbreviations, Terms and Answers (Explanations)

  • John was Delaware Township Auditor for most of 2015


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