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Dear 11th Congressional District Republican Voters:


I have been greatly encouraged by the excitement demonstrated all over the county in anticipation of the upcoming presidential election. I am a life-long Republican and have always thoughtfully supported the Republican Party.


My career has focused on health care administration, working for a health care plan in the provider relations department, where I developed a deep respect for our physician and provider community. I resigned to be a stay-at-home mom and returned to my career 15 years later, and am presently employed for an insurance broker where I find great satisfaction assisting our clients, including their compliance with the Affordable Care Act.


I was so inspired by Dr. Ben Carson when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. Unfortunately, his campaign did not act fast enough to broadly communicate his message in a more concise manner. When Donald Trump entered the campaign, his message was direct and clear, and resonated favorably with many Americans, including me.


Therefore, in closing, I will be voting for Donald J. Trump at the convention. I support Mr. Trump’s platform on healthcare reform, trade reform, immigration reform, tax reform and veteran’s reform.



Marlene Faye Loose

Marlene Faye Loose

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