14th Congressional District Delegate Candidates 

There are numerous candidates that have fought AGAINST the President and his agenda and now claim to have always supported him and/or are "endorsed by the campaign"; Facebooks have been scrubbed.  Deep State/Swamp forces are at work; stick with the folks that made it happen the first time.  We are here to ensure he is nominated AGAIN!!!

Remember that you can vote for 0 to 3 candidates at both delegate and alternate delegate.  You do NOT need to select 3 if you are unsure of where they stand.

X denotes candidate that we do not recommend for the reason provided after their name


  • #1 - John Ventre (Filing Info)

  • X - Guy Reschenthaler (Filing Info) - Current US Congressman; wholly inappropriate; there are 34 bound delegates reserved for elected officials and party leaders; supported Rubio in 2016; the only presumed motivation here is to be unbound from Trump

  • #9 - Thomas J Uram (Filing Info) - 2016 Trump endorsed delegate

  • #10 - Susanna DeJeet (Filing Info)

  • Alternate - #5 Melanie Stringhill Patterson (Filing Info)


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